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Can you name the American Leaders and their Accomplishments (1607-1861)

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DescriptionName of Monarch, Governor, or President
After the Glorious Revolution
Restoration, Capture of New Amsterdam
Governor of Virginia, Bacon's Rebellion
Drake, Spanish Armada
Oregon Treaty, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark, Embargo Act
Dies in a month, first Whig, defeats Tecumseh (Battle of Tippecanoe)
Bleeding Kansas, Dred Scott, South Carolina Breaks Away
Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, 'City Upon a Hill'
Spoil System, Nullification Crisis, Indian Removal Act, Trail of Tears, Force Act, Destroys US Bank
Governor and founder of Georgia
Powers of the monarchy diminished into the hands of Walpole and Townshend, Rise of Benign Neglect
Battle against French for domination in North America (Ohio Valley) in [Name]'s War
Corrupt Bargain, lost to Andrew Jackson in 1828
Whiskey Rebellion, Bill of Rights, Hamilton's Economic Plan, Jay's & Pickney's Treaty, Neutrality Proclamation, Farewell Address
Blamed for Panic of 1837
DescriptionName of Monarch, Governor, or President
Non Intercourse Act, Tecumseh-Tippecanoe, Chesapeake Affair, War of 1812
Inauguration set precedent for procedure after a presidential death, Annexed Texas
Governor of Plymouth Colony, Mayflower Compact
War of the Spanish Succession/[Name]'s War
Leader of Jamestown, Saved colony from early devastation
Civil War, Emancipation Proclamation
Defeat in 1645 in English Civil War, Refused demands for a constitutional monarchy
Passes compromise of 1850, Sends out Matthew Perry (Japan)
[Name] Doctrine, Era of Good Feelings, American System
Kansas Nebraska Act, Open Japan
British colonization of the Americas began, Granted charter to Virginia Company, Gunpowder Plot
XYZ Affair, Quasi War, Alien and Sedition Acts
Compromise of 1850 (against it, passes when he dies)
Intensely religious Puritan, Served as Lord Protector of the UK from 1653-1658
Moved to reduce colonial autonomy, Created Dominion of New England, Forced to flee during Glorious Revolution

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