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Stewie calls him the 'Fat Man'
Quagmire was married to her in a episode
She is the disrespected one in the family
Paper boy for Herbert
In a season finale he was reborn to a british
Is the smart one
He got shot in the legs by Bobby Briggs
His dream is to be with Sherell Teigs
Left the show to make his own show
He own a pharmacy and is jewish
Has a soft and high voice
Got killed in season 9
Has a crush on Meg
Came back from Iraq in season 6
Was in Bonnie's stomach for way over 9 months
Got shipped to the father then was adopted
Likes Chris
Meg has a crush on this person
Was a murderer in a season 9 episode and then got killed
Replanced the killer from season 9
The reporter who goes to places
The fast talking African American
Got put in a wooden barrel with no air holes by Peeter
The hispanic maid that often says 'no, no, no'
The Clam bartender
The man who is all wood except the head
Foound a cure to cancer but didn't reveal it
Her husband had an affair
Guided Peter through a near death experience
Replanced Brian for part of season 12
Has an upside-down face
Likes to talk to Chris about films
Loves cats
Brians gay cousin
Brians ex girlfriend who is married
Megs dream to be friends with this person
She cheated on Clevland with Quagmire
The Griffins doctor
Stewies twin
Peters fake father
Peters Irish father
Peters mother
Peters black ancestor
Gets noticed by Peter when Peter is buying a surfing' bird record
Brians son who he never knew
Brians sons mom
Peters messed up partner
Peters boss
Peters old boss
Stewies doll
Lois sister who has been divorced 9 times
Ones of Megs boyfriends who escaped his town by hiding on the Griffins car

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