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QUIZ: Can you name the Novelty Energy drinks?

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DescriptionDrink Name
Futurama/Popular soda
Simpsons/Drink Moe stole from Homer
Simpsons/ Homers favorite beer
Gears of War/Heals you
Ghostbusters/'I've been _______!'
ghostbusters/what ghosts leave behind
Mega man/holds exta health
Mario/Mushrooms make you _______
DescriptionDrink Name
Pac-man/These appear beneath the ghost box
Sonic/Runs fast
Appocalypse/This will save your ass
Family Guy/Stewie will use this to rule the world
Family Guy/When Quagmire has sex with a virgin, he ____ their ______
Donkey Kong/J_____ J____
Appocalype/What runs through a zombie's veins
Vampires/ They love to drink this

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