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Forced Order
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brief desriptionthe Titans and their Parentagemore helpful knowledge
NothingnessWas always there even before order
the EarthThe first that emerged out of the void
LoveSome consider him to be Cupid as well
the AbyssHe holds all monsters who haven't reincarnated back onto Earth
the ShadowsFathered some lesser gods with Nyx
the Skywas birthed from Gaea without male assistance; fathered the Titans with Gaea
Titan lord of IntellectGrandfather to the twins Artemis and Apollo
Titan lord of the StarsBarely known in greek mythology; grandfather of Hecate
Titan lord of the EastWas also th Titan of the Sun
Titan lord of CraftWas also known as 'The Piercer'
brief desriptionthe Titans and their Parentagemore helpful knowledge
Titan lord of the OceanKnown more for the monsters of the Seas and father of Calypso
Titan lord of all TitansHe ate his children to keep them from overthrowing him
Titanesse of Memorymother of the Nine Muses
Titanesse of ProphecyGrandmother of the twins Artemis and Apollo and Hecate
Mother of the GodsHid her youngest child from Cronus to keep him from neing eaten, who later came and overthrew his father
Titanesse of Shining Light or UnderstandingGave birth to Helios, Selene, and Eos
Titanesse of Divine lawBecame one of the Oracles of Delphi
Titanesse of the SeaTitanesse of Motherhood as well; she raised and educated Hera during the war against the Titans
One-eyed GiantsWere thrust down to Tartarus by their father Uranus
Hundred-Handed OneOnly three; each had 100 hands and 50 heads

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