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Can you name the Great Houses of Westeros?

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HintHouseLeader of the House
of Sunspear, rulers of DornePrince Doran
of Winterfell, rulers of the NorthEddard
of Riverrun, rulers of the RiverlandsHoster
of the Last Hearth, rule over the lands between Winterfell and the WallGreatjon
of Greywater Watch, rule over southern-most parts of the NorthHowland
of Bear IslandMaege
of Stone HedgeJonos
of Deepwood Motte, rule over north-western lands of the NorthGalbart
of Karhold, rule over north-eastern lands of the NorthRickard
HintHouseLeader of the House
of Clegane's Keep, house of landed knights in the service of the LannistersGregor
of the Eyrie, rulers of the Vale of ArrynRobin
of the TwinsWalder
of Storm's End, rulers of the StormlandsRobert
of the Dreadfort, noted for their love of flaying people aliveRoose
of Pyke, rulers of the Iron IslandsBalon
former rulers of WesterosViserys
of Highgarden, rulers of the ReachMace
of Casterly RockTywin

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