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Conservatives supported the ________ in the early 1800’s as their ideal form of government.
System of thoughts and beliefs.
Liberals spoke for the ______ _____ in the early 1800’s
Self rule is better known as…
A period of reduced economic activity is known as a…
Giving all men the right to vote is known as “Universal Manhood _____”
People who try to unite one group of people with common heritage.
Metternich was a leader of this political group.
A major victory of conservatives was at the Congress of ______.
The European revolutions of the early 1800’s started in this country…
The French term for a 'hands-off' economy desired by liberals is…
The Serbians, Greeks, and Belgians had successful rebellions because of help of outside ______.
French king who suspended legislation, limited the right to vote, and restricted the press.
Also known as the “citizen king,” liberals declared him new king of France, and he made the upper bourgeoisie prosper.
The nephew of Napoleon Bonaparte who proclaimed himself emperor once he got into office in 1852.
The members of the highest social class who dominated Latin America political and social life.
The European descendent of Latin American who owned the haciendas, ranches, and mines and bitterly resented the second hand status.
In 1824, the wars of _______ ended.
The ideal economy of early European conservatives.
Political group wanting religious freedom.

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