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Which of the four young Hobbits said these lines? (In Tolkien's LOTR books)

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QuoteFrodo, Sam, Merry or Pippin?
There ain't no eaves at Bag End, and that's a fact.
I didn't learn that part, it gave me the shivers.
Why doesn't Gandalf do something quick?
Couldn't you take me to see Elves, sir, when you go?
The enemy is so strong and terrible.
It was a compliment, and so, of course, not true.
He is indisposed
I will give you the One Ring, if you ask for it.
He knows we shan't agree to his going East.
Surely the time is up?
QuoteFrodo, Sam, Merry or Pippin?
Why are there so few, when you have lived in this country so long?
But tell me now of your own fortunes.
See here, Captain!
Though surely there are many perils in the world.
No, before breakfast.
It seemed different so far away, in the Shire or in Rivendell.
He has grown, or something.
The creature is wretched and hungry.
I mean a real bed in a bed-room.
I don't follow you, begging your pardon.

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