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Can you name the Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters?

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Plumber with red hat.
Everyone's favorite man in green.
Motorcyclist. Has issues with being crude.
Breathes fire. #1's nemesis.
Ever the damsel in distress.
The green dino friend.
Green-cloaked swordsman.
...his cartoon counterpart.
Princess of Hyrule.
...her male counterpart.
#7's nemesis.
Pink marshmallow.
Cloaked wing guy.
Controls an army of waddle-dees.
A very smart animal with laser gun.
Equally smart bird with laser gun.
#15's nemesis.
Loud. Has great punch.
Smart robot with laser eyes.
King of the jungle.
...his sidekick.
Blue. Spikey hair. Faster than light (not according to Einstein).
Secret agent gunman. Likes boxes.
Angel from above.
Skilled with handling pets.
Yellow mouse.
Bluish-tan and can sense aura.
Sings a great song.
Skinny caped swordsman.
Wields a pointy two-handed sword.
Best friends. Like hammers.
Controls little colored aliens.
Featureless black cartoon drawing.
Backwards hat. Psi-power.
...his scaredy cat friend.
Armor and a gun.
...minus the previous.

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