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Can you name 'the' horror movies with only the director and year to help?

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The...AnswerDirector and Year
TheKarl Freund, 1932 or Stephen Sommers, 1999
TheLew Landers, 1935 or Roger Corman, 1963
TheIrvin S. Yeaworth Jr., 1958 or Chuck Russell, 1988
TheKurt Neumann, 1958 or David Cronenberg, 1986
TheAlfred Hitchcock, 1963
TheRobert Wise, 1963 or Jan de Bont, 1999
TheWilliam Friedkin, 1973
TheStanley Kubrick, 1980
ThePeter Medak, 1980
TheJoe Dante, 1981
The...AnswerDirector and Year
TheLucio Fulci, 1981
TheOliver Stone, 1981
TheJohn Carpenter, 1982
TheTony Scott, 1983
ThePeter Jackson, 1996
ThePeter Hyams, 1997
TheHideo Nakata, 1998 or Gore Verbinski, 2002
TheAlejandro AmenĂ¡bar, 2001
TheFrank Darabont, 2007
TheJames Wan, 2013

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