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In Secret of Shadow Ranch, what did Nancy use to climb a cliff?
In order to help a character escape a fire in Ghost of Thornton Hall, what must Nancy build?
In which game does Nancy go to the Ten Raven Pub?
With whom does Ned go on a date to create a diversion for Nancy?
In what game did Nancy have to cloud watch?
What does Nancy use a paintbrush for in Treasure in the Royal Tower
Who was so busted in The Captive Curse?
In which game must you smash a priceless vase in order to attain an Easter Egg?
Who is referred to as an 'overstuffed pillowhead' in Secret of the Scarlet Hand?
In which game do we get to collect clothing for and dress Nancy?
In which poem does Nancy discover a message left by her mother?
What dessert was heavily featured in Secret of the Old Clock?
Nancy uses gum and this object to reach something far below her in The Final Scene?
What is your prize for winning a snowball fight in White Wolf of Icicle Creek?
What's the name of the mini game played inThe Deadly Device?
What was Nancy's fake name in Warnings at Waverly Academy?
In which game does Nancy find a message in a bottle?
In which game does a character work at Maxine's Diner?
What were inside Minette's chocolate box in Danger by Design?
Name the fruit that can be won from the monkeys in Ransom of the Seven Ships.
Name one of the puzzles that Rentaro gives Nancy in Shadow at the Water's Edge
Where does Nancy see Henry Bolet, Jr. crying in Legend of the Crystal Skull?
In which game does Nancy visit the Jersey Shore?
In White Wolf of Icicle Creek, a suspect says that he is training for the Olympics in this sport.

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