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Can you name the The people and places in the myths Perseus and Theseus?

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People Places
The island where Danae and Perseus washed up
The King of Seriphos
The fisherman that took Danae and Perseus in
The Gorgon Perseus slayed
The country where the nymphs of the North resided
The people that gave Perseus directions to the nymphs of the North
The god that gave Perseus the shield
The god that gave Perseus the sword
Perseus' mother
Perseus' grandfather
The island on which Perseus was born
People Places
Theseus' fathers
The island where the labrinyth resided
The King of Crete
The Queen of Crete
Minos' son
The King of Athens
The girl Theseus leaves on an island
Theseus' first wife
Theseus' second wife
Theseus' friend who he accompanies to the underworld
Theseus' son

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