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The rods of the retina are the main receptors of the _______ visual system
Ocular dominance slabs are found in the _______.
The visual system responds to a band of electromagnetic radiation, measured in _______
Process where interconnected neurons inhibit neighbors to produce contrast
Neural signals in the retina converge on _______ cells
Eye movement is controlled by
What cells contain rods and cones
Where do blood vessels enter and leave the eye
What condition occurs when the eyeball is too long
The cortical region whose cells respond preferenqtially to motion is
Visual cortical areas outside the primary visual cortex are referred to as
Brightness detector ganglion cells receive their input chiefly from
These are absent from the fovea
This is the region where most visual information first arrives
A _______ (or perceptual gap) is a spot where nothing is perceived
Ganglion cell axons form the optic nerve and cross at the ________
Most axons synapse on cells in the _______
_______ is specialized for motion perception
A ventral processing stream, for _______ objects (i.e., what)
A dorsal stream for assessing the _______ of objects (i.e., where)
An optic ______ can cause difficulty in using vision to reach for an object.
_______ are active in premotor cortex when watching another perform an action
_______ develops when continually focusing on close objects, requiring that the lens be tensed.
_______ reduced visual acuity, not caused by optical or retinal damage

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