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_______ is a tone with a single frequency.
Cycles per second of a sound wave.
A mathematical process used to analyze sounds as the sum of sine waves.
A measure of sound intensity.
The _______ is a membrane that separates the cochlear duct from the middle ear.
This is attached to the malleus and tympanic membrane (i.e., eardrum).
Sound waves are collected by the _______.
The region nearest the oval window membrane is the _______ of the spiral.
A structure of the inner ear that lies on the basilar membrane of the cochlea and contains the hair cells and terminations of the auditory nerve.
A membrane in the cochlea that contains the principal structures involved in auditory transduction.
A membrane that sits atop the organ of Corti in the cochlear duct.
The _______ is a relatively stiff hair that protrudes from a hair cell in the auditory nerve or vestibular system.
What does IHC stand for?
Fine, threadlike fiber that runs along and connects the tips of stereocilia. They play a key role in the generation of hair cell potentials.
This is 1 of 2 targets of the cochlear nuclei. It receives bilateral input.
This is 1 of 2 targets of the cochlear nuclei. Located in the midbrain, it sends output to the medial geniculate nuclei in the thalamus.
The lowest level at which impulses from the two ears interact is the _______.
The hair cells of the semicircular canals are located in the _______.
Information goes from the vestibular system to the brain via the _______.
Which theory argues that frequency of auditory stimuli is directly encoded in the firing patterns of auditory neurons?
In aquatic animals with lateral-line systems, movements of water in relation to the body surface stimulate receptors located in the _______, allowing the animals to detect movement

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