Science Quiz / Chapter 5: Hormones and the Brain

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______ cells within the organ convert the stimulus into an electrical signal.
The ______ concept says that the brain recognizes distinct senses because action potentials travel along separate nerve tracts.
The ______ states, 'receptors and neural channels are independent for the different senses.'
The appropriate technique for measuring the concentration of a hormone in a sample of blood is ______ .
Releasing hormones are produced in the _______.
Definition: 'Local changes in membrane potential.'
The _______ is a receptor that detects vibration.
Definition: 'When different cells have different thresholds for firing, over a range of stimulus intensities.'
______ is the progressive loss of response to a maintained stimulus.
_______ is the space in which a stimulus will alter a neuron’s firing rate.
The adrenal medulla releases its hormones in response to _______.
_______ hormones affect the secretion of other endocrine glands.
This is implicated in touch sensation; it's SLOW-adapting
This is implicated in stretch sensation; it's slow-adapting.
The ______ system delivers touch information information to the brain.
A _______ is a strip of skin innervated by a particular spinal root.
These are peripheral receptors that respond to painful stimuli.
What makes the ghost pepper taste 'hot' or spicy?
Pain information is integrated in the ________.
Along with the cingulate cortex, the ________ is another area in the midbrain involved in pain perception.
A cell that releases a hormone that affects the cell next to it is engaged in _______ communication.
What is the loss of pain sensation called?
Definition: 'Delivers electrical pulses to the skin; Relieves pain by stimulating the nerves around the source of the pain.'
Name the opioid antagonist that blocks the analgesic effect of TENS.
This is implicated in touch sensation; it's FAST-adapting
The middle layer of the skin that contains nerve fibers.
Definition: 'Located in the dermis, have specialized receptor proteins, and respond to temperature changes, chemicals, and pain.'
Melatonin is released almost exclusively . . .
Which spinal levels is closest to the brain?
Descending spinal pathways that inhibit pain transmission in the spinal cord use the neurotransmitter . . .
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