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Can you name the parts of a model rocket?

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This is the pointed plastic part on the top of the rocket
This strawlike piece helps lets the rocket be mounted on the launchpad
This rubber band-type piece connects the top of the rocket to the main part
The main cyllinder of the rocket
The green ring inserted inside the rocket
The yellow cylinder used to push the green ring inside the rocket
The 'wings' of the rocket; attach 3-5 for a Viking
Use this to attach the pieces of your rocket; don't use too much!
Used to connect the two pieces of the rocket tip; it's not glue
The piece of paper used to keep the 'rubber band' in the rocket
Flame retardant 'tissue paper' used so your rocket doesn't explode
Engine piece with wires that connects to the clips
Yellow, purple, or white plastic piece that goes into the hole in the engine

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