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Can you name the Amphisbaenians, Snakes, and Crocodylians?

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Common NameLatin NameOther facts
Suborder for all Amphisbaenians-
Worm LizardsSA, Africa, Europe
No Common NameFlorida
Short-headed Worm LizardsAfrica, Middle East
Two-legged Worm LizardsMexico
Suborder for all Snakes-
Early Blind SnakesSuperfamily Scolecophidia, CA, SA
Blind SnakesSuperfamily Scolecophidia, CA, SA, Africa, Eurasia, Australia
Slender Blind SnakesSuperfamily Scolecophidia, NA, SA, Africa, Middle East
Superfamily for all other Snakes-
Dwarf Pipe SnakesMalaysia, Sumatra, Borneo
Pipe SnakesSA
Shield-tailed SnakesAsia
Sunbeam SnakesAsia
Common NameLatin NameOther facts
New World Sunbeam SnakesCA
Boas and PythonsCosmopolitan, includes Boinae, Pythoninae, and Erycinae
Dwarf BoasSA
Round Island BoasRound Island
File SnakesAsia
VipersCosmopolitan except Australia, includes Crotalinae and Viperinae
No Common NameCosmopolitan except Europe, includes Elapinae and Hydrophiinae
Stiletto SnakesAfrica
ColubridsCosmopolitan, includes Natricinae, Colubrinae, and Xenodontinae
Order for all Crocodiles, Alligators, and Caimans-
Alligators and CaimansNA, SA, Asia
CrocodilesCosmopolitan except Europe
GharialsIndia, Indonesia

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