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Can you name the latin names of these mammals?

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Common NamesLatin Names
northern short-tailed shrew
North American least shrew
cinereus shrew
smoky shrew
American pygmy shrew
American water shrew
star-nosed mole
hairy-tailed mole
eastern mole
nine-banded armadillo
greater bonneted bat
Brazilian Free-tailed bat
California leaf-nosed bat
pallid bat
big brown bat
silver-haired bat
eastern red bat
hoary bat
seminole bat
gray myotis
little brown bat
northern myotis
Indiana bat
evening bat
Townsend's big-eared bat
eastern pipistrelle
white-tailed antelope squirrel
northern flying squirrel
southern flying squirrel
yellow-bellied marmot
Abert's squirrel
eastern gray squirrel
eastern fox squirrel
California ground squirrel
Belding's ground squirrel
golden-mantled ground squirrel
round-tailed ground squirrel
thirteen-lined ground squirrel
yellow-pine chipmunk
least chipmunk
Common NamesLatin Names
eastern chipmunk
red squirrel
southern red-backed vole
nearctic collared lemming
nearctic brown lemming
rock vole
meadow vole
woodland vole
eastern woodrat
golden mouse
common muskrat
marsh oryzomys
cotton deermouse
white-footed deermouse
North American deermouse
oldfield deermouse
eastern harvest mouse
hispid cotton rat
southern bog lemming
house mouse
brown rat
roof rat
American beaver
woodland jumping mouse
meadow jumping mouse
North American porcupine
southeastern pocket gopher
Botta's pocket gopher
northern pocket gopher
Ord's kangaroo rat
Great Basin pocket mouse
pygmy rabbit
antelope jackrabbit
snowshoe hare
arctic hare
black-tailed jackrabbit
eastern cottontail
marsh rabbit
New England cottontail
American pika
Common NamesLatin Names
gray fox
red fox
domestic cat
Canadian lynx
striped skunk
eastern spotted skunk
North American river otter
long-tailed weasel
least weasel
American mink
American badger
American black bear
brown bear
polar bear
Virginia opossum
American bison
domestic cow
mountain goat
domestic sheep
bighorn sheep
Dall's sheep
Sika deer
mule deer
white-tailed deer
domestic swine
collared peccary

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