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Can you name the latin names of Turtles, Lizards, and Tuataras?

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Common NameLatin NameInteresting Facts
Austro-American Side-necked TurtlesSuborder Pleurodira (SA, Australia)
African Side-necked TurtlesSuborder Pleurodira (Africa, Madagascar, Seychelles Islands)
Afro-American Side-necked TurtlesSuborder Pleurodira (SA, Madagascar)
Snapping TurtlesSuborder Cryptodira (NA, Asia)
SeaturtlesSuborder Cryptodira (Oceans worldwide)
Leatherback SeaturtleSuborder Cryptodira (Oceans worldwide)
New World Pond TurtlesSuborder Cryptodira (NA, CA, Europe, Asia)
Old World Pond TurtlesSuborder Cryptodira (CA, SA, Africa, Europe, Asia)
TortoisesSuborder Cryptodira (Temperate and tropical regions worldwide)
Softshell TurtlesSuborder Cryptodira (NA, Africa, Asia)
Pig-nosed TurtlesSuborder Cryptodira (New Guinea, Australia)
Central American River TurtlesSuborder Cryptodira (CA)
Mud and Musk TurtlesSuborder Cryptodira (NA, SA)
TuatarasOrder Rhynchocephalia, suborder Sphenodontida
AgamasAfrica, Asia, Australia
ChameleonsAfrica, Middle East, India
Common NameLatin NameInteresting Facts
Iguanas and relativesNA, SA
GeckosNA, SA, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia
Blind LizardsAsia
Whiptails and TegusNA, SA
MicroteiidsSA, CA
Wall LizardsAfrica, Europe, Asia
Night LizardsSW USA, CA
Girdle-tailed LizardsAfrica
Plated LizardsAfrica
Glass and Alligator LizardsNA, SA, Europe, Asia
Knob-scaled LizardsCA
Crocodile LizardsChina
MonitorsAfrica, Asia, Australia
Earless LizardsBorneo
Beaded LizardsSW NA

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