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Common NameFamily NameInteresting Facts
SirensLack hind limbs and pelvic girdle (SE North America)
Giant SalamandersCutaneous respiration (Japan, China, E USA)
Asiatic SalamandersEggs laid in double curly strands (Asia)
AmphiumasLack external gills, have vestigial limbs (SE North America)
Lungless SalamandersNasolabial groove, direct development (NA, SA, Europe)
Torrent SalamandersVestigial lungs, unique glands on male (NW USA)
Mudpuppies and OlmFilamentous gills (Europe, E NA)
True Salamanders and NewtsToxic skin glands, sexually dimorphic (NA, Europe, Africa, Asia)
Mole SalamandersUnderground most of year (NA)
Pacific Giant SalamandersProduce barking sound (NW North America)
American Tailed CaeciliansTerminal mouth, scales (SA)
Asian Tailed CaeciliansParental care of eggs, scales (India, SE Asia)
Indian CaeciliansIndia
Buried-eyed CaeciliansAfrica
Tailless CaeciliansNo tail, sub-terminal mouth (SA, Central America, Africa, India)
Aquatic CaeciliansNo tail, narial plugs on tongue, sub-terminal mouth (SA)
Tailed FrogsInternal fertilization via tail, tympana absent (NW North America)
New Zealand FrogsOnly amphibian native to New Zealand (New Zealand)
Fire-bellied ToadsUken reflex (Europe, China)
Disk-tongued FrogsEurope, Middle East, Africa
Midwife ToadsMale carries eggs wrapped around ankles (Europe)
Mexican Burrowing ToadLacks tympanum, specializes on ants (Central America)
Tongueless FrogsAquatic, lateral line system (SA, Africa)
SpadefootsFossorial, keratinized spade on hind foot (NA)
SpadefootsVertical pupils, rapid larval development (Europe, Africa)
Parsley FrogsEurope, Asia
Common NameFamily NameInteresting Facts
Asian ToadfrogsMimic dead leaves (China, SE Asia)
Ghost FrogsSouth Africa
Seychelles FrogsOnly found on Seychelles Islands (Seychelles Islands)
No NameRecently discovered, fossorial, white protrusion on snout (India)
Chilean ToadsChile
Australian FrogsAustralia, New Guinea
True FrogsIncludes Goliath Frog and subfamily Mantellinae (Cosmopolitan except Australia)
Asian TreefrogsToe webbing for parachuting, arboreal (Africa, SE Asia)
Narrow-mouthed ToadsFossorial, palatal folds on back of neck (NA, SA, Africa, Asia, Australia)
No NameGlobular body, direct development, male glues himself to female during amplexus (Africa)
Reed FrogsArboreal, brightly colored, has toe discs (Africa)
Sub-saharan FrogsAfrica
Shovel-nosed FrogsAfrica
True ToadsNo teeth, parotoid skin glands, warty skin (Cosmopolitan)
Ruthven's FrogsBrazil
Glass FrogsExpanded toe discs, transparent ventrally, skin reflects infrared wavelengths (SA, Central America)
TreefrogsAdhesive toe discs, lack poison glands, includes Paradox Frog (Cosmopolitan)
Marsupial FrogsArboreal, direct development, eggs carried by female in dorsal pouch (SA and Central America)
Poison Dart FrogsTadpoles carried by parents, female may feed unfertilized eggs to tadpoles (SA and Central America)
Mouth-brooding FrogsFleshy proboscis, tadpoles carried to water in mouth of male, includes Darwin Frog (Argentina and Chile)
Short-headed ToadsDirect development, reduced digits (Brazil)
Southern FrogsSA and Central America
No NameTerrestrial, sit-and-wait predators, includes Lake Titicaca Frog (SA)
No NameCommunicate by foot-flagging, live near waterfalls (SA)
Rain FrogsDirect development, two species introduced to US (SA, Central America, SE USA)
Robber FrogsSA and Central America

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