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a female cop struggle to fit in with her male co workers
lawyers shouldn't date! thier work gets complicated!
ex naval officer is trying to solve his dads murder
Mystery writer teams up with a detective
a priest helps solve murders
the crime solver doubles as a vigilante serial killer
detective series set in 1890's toronto
deaf fbi agent reads lips to help solve crimes
british police man is moved to aid a tropical islands police force
a guy pursues criminals in a futuristic car
a schizophrenic forensic pychiatrist teams up with ex student fbi agent to solve crimes
a mountie and a deaf wolf solve cases in chicago
ex secret service agents team up as private investigators
follows two motorcycle highway patrol officers
a guy that lives in a windmill helps an investigative journalist solve crimes
a group of fbi trainess, and one is a suspected terrorist
fbi agent and forensic anthropologist solving crimes, often with very little to go on
the medical examiner makes dead people talk
private eye agency set in newfoundland
a detective is best friends with the chief medical examiner

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