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What numberplate appears the most?
In what episode does Buck Frobisher make his first appearance?
Who plays Ray Kowalski?
What game does Fraser play with H in Spy VS Spy?
Where was it actually filmed?
What episode does Robert Fraser reappear?
What car does Ray Vecchio own?
In The Edge, what sweets are the child agents eating in Fraser's nightmare?
What is Fraser's apartment number?
Who was Ray Vecchio's wife?
Where is it set?
What song does Fraser sing in All The Queens Horses?
In Seeing Is Believing, what colour is Francesca's top?
What is the name of Diefenbaker's girlfriend?
What are detectives Huey, Dewey and Gardino referred as?
What is Benton Fraser's mothers name?
What does Ray K compare curling to?
What phrase does Fraser say often?
When did Due South first air?
What song is played in the car chase scene in Heaven and Earth?

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