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DescriptionsCharacterActor Name
Protagonist, from Crabapple CoveAlan Alda
Captain, surgeon, scalliwag. Seasons 1-3Wayne Rogers
In charge of 4077, seasons 1-3McClean Stevenson
Took over 4077th in season 4Harry Morgan
Ferret FaceLarry Linville
Harvard grad. Major, surgeon.David Ogden Stiers
Lebanese cross-dresser from ToledoJamie Farr
Original company clerkGary Burghoff
Head Nurse at 4077th.Loretta Swit
ChaplainWilliam Christopher
Surgeon, family man. Wears mustache.Mike Farrell
Prominent nurse from Hawaii.Kellye Nakahara
DescriptionsCharacterActor Name
Always worked on the chow line.Jeff Maxwell
Prominent black nurse in first 5 seasonsOdessa Cleveland
Supply Sergeant, seasons 3-7Johnnie Haymer
Motorpool Sergeant, from the bayou...G.W. Bailey
Psychiatrist frequently called uponAllan Arbus
Australian doctor with an ugly hatJohn Orchard
Proprietor of bar across from the 4077thEileen Saki (and others)
Snooping good-for-nothing officer from CIDEdward Winter
The Swamp 'houseboy' for the first seasonPatrick Adiarte
Black doctor, original tenant of The SwampTimothy Brown
Random Cpt. with a guitar. Sang 'North Korean Blues'Loudon Wainwright III
walked off the line and fell in love with MargaretJoshua Bryant

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