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ClueMusical Name
Young dinosaurs looking for their herds
Mouse gets lost in big new country
Apprentice witch helps kids in wartime Britain
Russian princess is target of evil cleric's devilish plot
Boy and his imaginary pet shack up with Mickey Rooney in a lighthouse
Rooster thinks he's Elvis
Frog and Bear travel cross-country, pursued by crazed restarauteur
Bookish Jewish girl defies stereotypes in early 20th century Eastern Europe
Al Jolsen does some ditties
Race car driver has fun in Sin City
ClueMusical Name
Bohemian writer moves to Paris, falls in love with burlesque showstopper
Household appliances take a journey to find their owner
Undead canine befriends and helps orphan girl
Two Chicagoans run from the law trying to raise money for a nun
Kids working for Pulitzer and Hearst try to unionize
Skeleton man decides to try another holiday
Kids from Colorado get involved with a war on Canada
Furry evil green guy tries to ruin Christmas
Guy from England moves to US, then the Vietnam war starts
Story about Jerome Kern's career and rise to fame

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