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Can you name the title of the book from the blurb on its back?

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When Elizabeth Bennet first meets eligible bachelor Fitzwilliam Darcy, she thinks him arrogant and conceited.
Will is twelve years old and he's just killed a man.
The law student was young and had his dreams.
Smaug certainly looked fast asleep, when bilbo peeped once more from the entrance.
You want to be a firework -maker? Walk into my flames!
The whole adventure begins when Diggory and Polly find themselves in eccentric Uncle Andrew's secret study.
Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit 'em, but remember it's a sin .....
When the annual school science fair comes round, Mr Cartwright's class don't get to work on the soap factory, the maggot farm or the exploding custard tins.
It is 1941 and Captain Antonio Corelli, a young Italian officer, is posted to the Greek island of Cephallonia as part of the occupying forces.
Twelve year old .... ..... is a brilliant criminal mastermind. But even he doesnt know what he's taken on when he kidnaps a fairy.
Witches are not by nature gregarious, and they certainly dont have leaders. Granny Weatherwax was the most highly regarded of the leaders they didnt have.
...... thinks he's an ordinary boy-until he is rescued by a beetle-eyed giant of a man.

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