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Can you name the Characters Of the Tv Show 'Charmed' ??

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Where Was The Manor Placed in the center of years ago??
Who Are The Eldest Sisters Of The Charmed Ones in seasons 1-3 and in 4-8??
List The Boyfriends That Phoebe Has Had Over The Eight Years.
What Is The Name Of The Sacred Book That The Charmed Ones Resort To For Magic Help And Otherwise??
This Character Sent Shax,his personal assassin, to kill Prue and a Doctor in season three?
What Do They Call The Group When They Combine They Powers To Defeat Demons And Cast Spells??
What Was The Name Of The Long Lost Sister That Reborned The Charmed Ones??
True Or False: Prue Was Married To Zile Demonically.
What Were The Names Of The Demons That Blinded Darryl in season 3?
What Was The Name Given To Billie And Christy(Season 8) By The Triad??
What Was The Name Of The Power That The Charmed Ones And The Ultimate Power Summoned To Defeat Eacth Other And Resulted In Phoebe And Paige Being Killed??

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