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In what state does the show take place?
How does Rick get into a coma?
Who are the first survivors Rick meets?
Where does Rick get the bag of guns?
Who drops the key to Merle's handcuffs?
Who is Carol's daughter?
What does Rick use to escape the CDC?
Who shoots Carl?
What is Daryl's last name?
Who is Daryl's brother?
How does Rick and the group escape the city?
Where does the group settle in season 3?
What nearby town is a major threat?
Who runs this town?
Whats his name?
What is his assistant's name?
Who saves Andrea?
Whats her weapon of choice?
How does Lori die?
Who is Daryl stuck with after the collapse of the prison?
Who is Glenn's wife?
What three people does Glenn find in an Army truck with Tara?
What is the name of the safe haven in season 4?

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