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Can you name the Star Wars Planets in the expanded universe?

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The capital planet of the galaxy
The hideout of the resurrected Emperor Palpatine, destroyed by Galaxy Gun
Twi'lek Homeworld
Homeworld of a race of great warriors such as Canderous Ordo and Jango Fett
Yoda's adopted homeworld
Prison planet with numerous spice mines
Only planet with a source of natural kolto healing substance
Homeworld of the Chiss
Living planet, a seed of Yuuzhan'tar
A planet plagued by storms, major battleground in the Clone Wars
Homeworld of a race of spys and saboteurs (Many of whom died to bring the Death Star plans to the Rebels)
Gas giant with many moons, was used to destroy Sun Crusher temporarily
Planet the Tarkin family is from
Icy homeworld of the Pyn'gani, who invented carbon freezing
Former Jedi library planet
Icy planet overtaken by Seperatists, final resting place of Ulic Qel-Droma
Where the first truce between Rebellion and Empire happened
Planet populated by witches, property of Han Solo
Planet, home to a species AKA 'Hammerheads', where the cities float in the air and the surface was kept pristine
Acid rain-drenched planet where Darth Vader had a castle
The junkyard of the galaxy
Qui-Gon Jinn's homeworld, home of an excellent podracing track
Mon Mothma's homeworld
The homeworld of the only known Imperial Procurator of Justice
This planet was conquered many times, but each invading force just started partying when they landed

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