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Forced Order
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What is T-Pain's favorite food?
What is Skoglund's favorite medicine?
What is Sander's favorite letter?
What is Hafner's favorite pastime?
What is T-Pain's favorite position?
What position is most comfortable for Sander to relax in?
What is Rotman's favorite position?
What is Sander's go-to booze?
What is T-Pain's go-to booze?
What is T-Pain's favorite quote?
Who has contributed absolutely nothing of monetary value to this room?
Well, actually, what is the one the one thing he has contributed?
What is Sander's favorite toy?
Who never sleeps in their bed?
Who never stays up past midnight?
What is Slambo's favorite food?
What is Slambo's favorite position?
Who is Rotman's least favorite person?
What is Sander's least favorite city?
Who are Sander's 2 most favorite athletes?
What does Skoglund do when he's influenced by Hafner?
Who has never been to the library?
What is Sander's worst fear?
What is Sander's greatest joy?

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