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Where is Amy Farrah Fowler from?
Where does Sheldon move to after the apartment is robbed?
How does Howard think Sheldon might reproduce?
Sheldon buys Amy a tiara at the jewelery store. What does he buy for himself?
When they watch America's Next Top Model, what name does Howard use to refer to the contestants?
Amy shares Sheldon's aversion to? (from the first time they meet)
What is the name of Sheldon's twin sibling?
Raj's father works as a...?
Where in Texas is Sheldon from?
Who is Bernadette's maid of honour?
Sheldon begs Howard to introduce him to which famous scientist?
What chart does Sheldon keep on the fridge?
What kind of cookie jar does Leonard buy Sheldon?
Breaking into your neighbour's apartment to clean is sarcastically suggested as a folk cure for which illness?
What heart condition does Howard have?
What kind of bears does Penny have on her bed?
What is the name of Leonard's mother's book?
What is Howard's middle name?
According to Leonard, his genetic weaknesses are shortness, lactose intolerance, and...?
Sheldon manages to hack Leonard's facebook because his password for everything is..?

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