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Can you name the gym leader's signature pokemon (tv show)?

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gym leadermain pokemoncity/town
BrockPewter City
MistyCerulean City
Lt. SurgeVermilion City
ErikaCeladon City
KogaFuschia City
SabrinaSaffron City
BlaineCinnabar Island
GiovanniViridian City
FalknerViolet City
BugsyAzalea Town
WhitneyGoldenrod City
MortyEcruteak City
ChuckCianwood City
JasmineOlivine City
PryceMahogany Town
ClairBlackthorn City
gym leadermain pokemoncity/town
RoxanneRustboro City
BrawlyDewford Town
WattsonMauville City
FlanneryLavaridge Town
NormanPetalburg City
WinonaFortree City
Tate and LizaMossdeep City
JuanSootopolis City
RoarkOreburgh City
GardeniaEterna City
MayleneVeilstone City
Crasher wakePastoria City
FantinaHearthome City
ByronCanalave City
CandiceSnowpoint City
VolknerSunyshore City

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