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QUIZ: Can you name the episode of the office by the scene description given?

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Michael challenges Dwight to a fight to avoid signing paperwork
Michael hits Meredith with his car and creates a race to support her.
Pam goes on her first date since her breakup with Roy
Kevin might have skin cancer, so Michael takes him to a ice rink
Jan and Carole both accept an invitation from Michael, Pam kisses Jim
Pam tells Roy she kissed Jim. Roy is so angry that he and his brother vandalize the bar
Dwight captures a bat at the office
Jim has an awkward encounter with Karen at the Utica branch
Michael is not on board with the approach that Mr. Brown takes to teach diversity to the employees at Dunder Mifflin
Dwight takes a robe from Toby. Angela hosts a lame party
robert California leaves two columns of employees names at reception
A woman comes to the office to sell handbags
Michael sends an inappropiate picture of him and Jan to everyone in the office
Michael orders strippers to spice up a bachelor party
Michael wants to jump off the roof of the buiilding to show everyone how dangerous depression is

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