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Can you name the movies with these New Years scenes?

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In this classic B&W, a former silent movie actress utters the infamous closing line 'Alright, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up' on New Year's Eve.1950
A man in the family business plants a big kiss on his little brother at a New Year's Eve gala, telling him that 'I know it was you. You broke my heart.'1974
A man takes a stand when his boss demands to use his apartment for a New Year's Eve liaison, in so doing proving to the woman caught in the middle that he loves her.1960
The titular woman's New Year resolutions: Stop dating alcoholics, workoholics, commitment-phobics, megalomaniacs, etc. Alas, her boss -- who she's infatuated by -- is all of these.2001
A cute boy and a pretty girl are thrown together on stage for an impromptu karaoke duet at a snowy resort on New Year’s Eve.2006
Despite a woman’s best efforts to turn off her feelings for her friend, it proves futile when he busts into the New Year’s Eve party, declaring his love.1989
A New Year's Eve party turns into a critical turning point when a man meets the woman of his dreams, but is forced to pretend a boy is his son to appear interesting to the woman.2002
A boy is assigned a book report on 'War and Peace,' but struggles to read the book with distractions ranging from dance lessons, a red-haired girl and his gang's New Year's party.1985
A simple man apologizes to his former army lieutenant for pushing away a prostitute during a New Year's 'party' in a hotel room, saying 'she tasted like cigarettes.'1994
Though the haunting last image of this horror classic is a photo labeled July 4th, it clearly depicts a New Year's Eve party, led by a certain anachronistic madman.1980
At a New Year's Eve party, a woman discusses her uncomfortable and mysterious pregnancy, and at midnight, a strange man eerily exclaims, 'To 1966! The Year One!' 1968
An assistant director, married to a blonde porn star who often enjoys public sexual behavior with others, shoots her then himself in front of the guests at a 1980 New Year's bash.1997
A couple goes to Miami to celebrate New Year’s, but moments before the countdown, the man catches the eye of a young man dining with his family and a knowing look is exchanged.2002
Two enemies-turned-friends wish each other a Happy New Year after bankrupting an elderly pair of brothers in the New York Stock Exchange. They celebrate by exchanging one dollar.1983
3 friends try to break into their building, padlocked by their landlord in response to a recent protest. One makes a resolution to give up her vices yet still buys drugs.2005

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