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QUIZ: Can you name the Kyrgyzstan-sounding things?

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Not the country's capital, but a Betty Crocker baking product consisting of flour, shortening, salt, and baking powder.
Not a native of Kyrgyzstan, but a branch of physics dealing with the study and production of very low temperatures.
Not the country's continent, but Steely Dan's 6th and best-selling studio album, released in 1977.
Not the name of the provinces into which Kyrgyzstan is divided (of which there are 7), but a McCartney-penned Beatles tune about two characters named Desmond and Molly.
Not the largest of the country's provinces, but a fictional fantasy world created by author C. S. Lewis.
Not the country's largest lake, but a tapering mass formed when dripping liquid freezes.
Not the mountain range containing Jengish Chokusu, the country's highest peak, but the trigonometric ratio in a right angle of the side opposite a given angle to the side adjacent
Not the country's unit of currency, but the mathematical result of the addition of two or more numbers.
Not the country's first president, but a Puerto Rican man who, along with Griselio Torresola, attempted to assassinate U.S. president Harry S. Truman in 1950.
Not a neighboring country of Kyrgyzstan and home to Borat, but a kangaroo-like 1st generation Pokémon.

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