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English VerbFrench Verb
to go
to have
to have to (not falloir)
to give
to be
to do
to have to (not devoir)
to put, place (not placer)
to speak
to be able to
to take
to find
to come
to see
to want
to like
to arrive
to know (not savoir)
to believe
to ask
to become
to hear
to pass
to think
to look
to answer
to stay
to know (not connaître)
to seem
to feel (not éprouver)
to call
to wait
to look for
to understand
to enter
to throw (not lancer)
to die
to leave (not quitter)
to wear
to return (not retourner)
to resume, to retake
to come back
to go out
to hold
to live
to stop
to begin
to listen to
to write
to raise (not élever/soulever)
to walk
to go up
to show
to open
to appear (not apparaître)
to lose
to allow
to sit
to follow
to fall
to catch sight of, to notice (not remarquer)
to continue
to run
to shout
to say
to finish (not terminer)
to keep
to play
to eat
to leave (not partir)
to receive
to recognize
to laugh
to serve
to turn
to act
to add
to learn
to hide
to go down
to send
to offer
to forget
to put
to present
to meet
to return (not rendre)
to find (again)
to pull
to kill
to change
to count
to sleep
to try
to explain
to hit
to read
to get
to occupy
to pay
English VerbFrench Verb
to mourn, to cry, to weep
to push
to call back
to repeat (not redire)
to work
to bring (something)
to drink
to cause
to drive
to have sex with
to remain
to exist
to miss
to call, to name
to tell
to put back, to lay, to put
to seize
to tighten
to daydream, to think, to dream
to smile
to accept
to appear (paraître)
to advance
to beat
to cover
to disappear
to close
to form
to win
to be born
to rescue
to remember
to suffer
to touch
to cross
to approach
to cease
to sing
to load
to decide
to kiss
to prevent (not prévenir)
to hope
to mingle
to dare
to please
to pray
to produce
to refuse
to look like
to buy
to announce
to insure
to reach (not parvenir)
to shine
to burn
to consider
to guess
to escape (not fuir, not éviter)
to raise (not lever/soulever)
to slide
to judge
to lead (not diriger)
to place (not mettre)
to prepare
to help
to belong
to choose
to fear
to discover
to take, to carry away
to express
to own
to pronounce
to represent
to dream
to roll
to wake up
to deceive, to cheat on
to sell
to give up (not renoncer)
to address
to press
to create
to defend
to stretch
to ignore
to indicate
to maintain
to observe
to promise
to reveal
to get married
to separate
to shiver
to bring (someone)
to attach
to contain
to flow
to light up, to clarify, to enlighten
English VerbFrench Verb
to train, to involve
to feel (not sentir)
to flee, to escape, to avoid (not échapper, not éviter)
to deliver
to force (not forcer)
to pursue
to foresee
to propose
to retain
to steal
to break (not rompre/casser)
to declare
to lead (not mener)
to surround
to establish
to astonish
to avoid (not fuir)
to live in
to imagine
to reach (not atteindre)
to tilt
to penetrate
to notice (not apercevoir)
to succeed
to surprise
to cut
to desire
to doubt
to draw up (not dessiner)
to last
to examine
to fix
to force (not obliger)
to go for a walk
to fill
to remove, to take off
to see again
to sustain
to tempt
to finish (not finir)
to hunt
to compose
to move away
to remove
to put out
to study
to interrupt
to share
to pity
to prefer
to start again
to reduce
to meet (up with), to join, to catch up with
to jump
to ring
to fulfil, to accomplish
to affirm
to deposit
to destroy
to arrange (not arranger)
to smoke
to interest
to dive
to bring back, to bring
to reflect [thoughts]
to thank
to solve
to undergo
to pour
to clothe
to build
to dig
to disobey
to lock up
to break in, to push in, to drive in
to grow
to struggle (not se battre)
to obey
to weigh
to claim, to pretend
to protect
to rebuild
to spread, to scatter, to spill
to resist
to submit
to entrust
to erase
to put to sleep
to wrap
to inspire
to invent
to feed
to squeeze
to prevent (not empêcher)
to pick up
to move back
to replace
to sign
to wish
to wear out

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