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What birthday gift does Manuel thank Basil for?
Who or what is Sybil talking about when she says 'On second thought I think I'll leave him in charge. I'm sure he's cheap and he'll certainly be better at it than you are.'
What is contained in the case of valuables entrusted to Basil by Lord Melbury?
According to Basil, Sybil 'can kill a man at ten paces with one blow of her _____'
Who falls in love with Manuel?
What does Basil tell Manuel to call O'Reilly's workman, for which Manuel is consequently punched in the face?
Finish the exchange: 'If the good Lord...' (O'Reilly) 'Is mentioned once more, I shall move you _____ to him.' (Basil Fawlty)
What does Manuel misunderstand to be in the water tank?
What is ultimately unveiled as the main course at Gourmet Night?
What city is Manuel from?
Name any one of the incorrect race horse names guessed by Polly.
When Basil tells Manuel that there is too much butter 'on those trays,' what three Spanish words does Manuel think he is saying?
What is the color of the car that Basil gives a 'damn good thrashing'?
What book is Basil reading in bed when Sybil is talking to Audrey?
What is Sybil in the hospital for?
Which builder fixes O'Reilly's mess?
What is Basil hanging in the lobby in the episode 'The Germans'?
Name any of the 3 permanent guests of Fawlty Towers.
Complete the exchange from The Germans: --'We didn't start it.' --'Yes you did, you ___________ ______________'
Complete the sentence: 'a satisfied customer. We should have him _____'
Due to a misunderstanding with Manuel, what does Mrs. Richards believe is Basil's name?
What does Basil believe all psychiatrists are obsessed with?
What kind of salad does the angry American guest demand?
What food does Basil erroneously believe has caused the death of a guest?
Who pretends to be a sick Sybil?
Complete the sentence: 'He put Basil in the_____!!!!!'
Who is Sybil's best friend?
What is Polly's talent?
Name one of the sights Basil suggests Mrs. Richards expects to see from her window.

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