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Garbage IslandWho did Arthur Hobbs meet during GNB's green initiative?
DopplegangersWhat is the name of the station in Chicago that Don goes to work for?
Purple GiraffeWhere is Robin reporting the news story about the child stuck in the crane machine?
Ducky TieWhat drink does Barney drink virgins of?
First Time in New YorkWhat is Katie Scherbatsky's boyfriend's name?
Three Days of SnowWhat song does the marching band play for Lily at the airport?
Lobster CrawlWhat are on Patrice's playing cards?
DowisetreplaWhat is the lock box combination for Marshall and Lily's apartment?
Say CheeseWhere is Lily's favorite cognac-pumpkin cheesecake from?
The Final Page (Part 1)What is the one place Creepy Darryl has traveled to since graduating from Wesleyan?
The Perfect CocktailWhat is the drink that causes Marshall and Barney to black out?
Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the SlapWhat is the name of the board game that Mickey brings to Thanksgiving?
HookedWho is the girl that is on Ted's hook?
NanniesWhat is the organ store that George and Morgan Jorgenson opened in Oregon?
Monday Night FootballWhere are the chicken wings from that the gang eats while watching the Super Bowl?
Girls vs. SuitsWhat is the name of the Unicorns CD that belongs to the Mother that was in Cindy's room?
How Lily Stole ChristmasWhere is Lily's apartment?
The Wedding Bride'Marshall, there's only one street where that is normal. Hint: a _____ ______ ____ lives on it.'
The Rebound GirlWhat is Hurricane Mosby-Stinson's real name?
How I Met Everyone ElseWho is the girl that ted made out with at the freshman orientation party?
Return of the ShirtWhat CDs does Natalie have in her apartment?
The Time TravelersWhere is the Mother's apartment?
CupcakeWhat musical does Victoria say she hates?
Something NewWho plays the Mother?
The Mermaid TheoryWhat future episode does the Barney-Lily subplot reappear in?
Garbage IslandWhat does Barney think Nora's new boyfriend is?

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