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Peter Jackson1992
M. Night Shyamalan1999
Derek Jarman1993
*Harmony Korine*1999
Spike Jonze1999
Gary Trousdale1991
Gus Van Sant1991
Larry Clark1995
David Fincher1999
Bryan Singer1995
John Singleton1991
Vincent Gallo1998
Ang Lee1995
Coen Brothers1996
Jane Campion1993
Noah Baumbach1995
Robert Altman1993
Quentin Tarantino1992
Woody Allen1992
Paul Thomas Anderson1999
Béla Tarr1994
Wachowski Sisters1999
Sam Raimi1998
Billy Bob Thornton1996
Ron Howard1995
Steve James1994
Mike Leigh1996
Tom Tykwer1998
Hayao Miyazaki1997
Clint Eastwood1992
Steven Spielberg1998
Stanley Kubrick1999
Hughes Brothers1993
David Cronenberg1991
Paul Verhoeven1997
John Woo1992
Guillermo del Toro1993
Eduardo Sánchez and Daniel Myrick1999
Henry Selick1993
Darren Aronofsky1998
Michael Moore1997
Martin Campbell1995
*Thomas Vinterberg*1998
Frank Darabont1999
Chris Smith1999
Wes Craven1994
Roland Emmerich1994
Mamoru Oshii1995
Mathieu Kassovitz1995
Takeshi Kitano1997
Spike Lee1997
Errol Morris1999
Weitz Brothers1999
Lars von Trier1996
Roger Allers and Rob Minkoff1994
Tim Burton1994
Satoshi Kon1997
Brian De Palma1996
Baz Luhrmann1996
Krzysztof Kieslowski1991
Robert Rodriguez1992
Terry Gilliam1995
Peter Weir1998
Aleksandr Sokurov1997
Cameron Crowe1992
Martin Scorsese1990
Ridley Scott1991
Andrew Nichcol1997
Johnathan Demme1991
Wong Kar-Wai1994
Alejandro Amenábar1997
Terrence Malick1998
Carl Franklin1995
Wes Anderson1998
Alex Proyas1998
Nicholas Winding Refn1996
Michael Winterbottom1997
Oliver Stone1991
John Lasseter1995
Christopher Nolan1998
Luc Besson1997
Takashi Miike1999
Michael Bay1996
Jay Roach1997
Danny Boyle1996
Tony Scott1993
Kevin Smith1994
Sam Mendes1999
Doug Liman1996
Kenneth Branagh1996
James Cameron1991
Jan de Bont1994
Michael Mann1995
Richard Linklater1991
Rob Reiner1995
Gaspar Noé1998
Michael Haneke1997
Roberto Benigni1997
Roger Michell1999
Francis Ford Coppola1990

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