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Forced Order
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The word which actually belongs on this test is not allowed on sporcle, and using it here—even with asterisks in it—would likely get me into some pretty seriously deep crap with the sporcle powers that be. Just try to imagine these questions about turdly idioms with, as oxymoronic as it may sound, the proper vulgar turdly word as you take this quiz.
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Turdly Bit of WitBurgled Turdly Word
You awake at night to find a ghost on your bed. Why must you now wash the sheets — did it ______ the living crap out of you?
When things are going bad, they are said to be going up crap what?
Someone with misfortune is said to be crap out of what?
A person who isn't particularly astute is said to have crap for brains, or that he/ she doesn't know crap from what?
A hypocritical person thinks his or her crap doesn't what?
Some say upheaval of a given sort is like crap hitting the what?
You're fresh off work, and need a drink. So you stop by the pub and do what to the crap with the good ole boys?
Coupla guys at the bar are cowboys — also known as crap- what?
Someone just told you a simple truth. Your reply: __ crap?!?
Turdly Bit of WitBurgled Turdly Word
You drive a 1972 AMC Gremlin — which most would say is a what of crap?
You just got in trouble with a sporcle editor. You will most likely never be published, as you are now on his crap what? (Meh, give a crap.)
When someone is lying, his/ her lie is said to be what measure of crap?
What monstrosity are you not likely to find among desert sands or in the clouds?
Another term for a gossip columnist is a crap-?
You just lost your girlfriend. Although your best friend told you it would happen, why does he have a crap-______ grin on his face?
What are you going to do to your friend — ____ the crap out of him?
Why won't your best friend fight back — is he _______crap?
If you didn't like this quiz, what kind of crap is coming your way?

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