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Can you name the folks who A) got into Doc's shelter and lived, B) didn't, and C) got in, only to die inside it?

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Pulitzer Prize-winning Author Dr. Stank N. Stein of Peoria, Illinois knew long since before that the day would come, and had built a 750-square-foot fallout shelter beneath his family's home capable of comfortably sustaining up to 30 friends and relatives for at least a year. But he couldn't save everyone. Who (A) got into the shelter and survived, (B) didn't, and (C) got in, but eventually for whatever reason/s died while living in the shelter? Obviously, just because someone was selected for entry doesn't mean that certain someone survived in the shelter. Also, someone who wasn't even selected for entry may know some facts about the shelter and its contents, but he or she can't possibly know who survived the stay in the fallout shelter, as he or she is long since DEAD, and doesn't know. Finally, the fact that someone wasn't selected to be in the shelter means that THAT PERSON CANNOT POSSIBLY BE A SURVIVOR!!! Assume that everyone tells the truth. Have fun.
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Dr. Stein, captain

Jeff Worth, cousin

Rev. Larry Poole

Bill Thrift, friend

Candy Orr, cousin

Denk Stein, son, 15

Chaka Laat, teacher

Rott Shartly, cuz

Missy Poole, wife

Dank Lee, friend

Jess Orr, cuz-in-law

Lem Frink, fisherman

Glen Crest, poet

Sarah West, Hank's g/f

Tad Poole, child

Kris Lee, friend

Vladimir Orr, child

Paul Lane, farmer

Gus Wink, teacher

Winn Best, friend

Martha Fitts, friend

Violet Fitts, child

Taka Laat, child

Sgt. Von May, USMC

Hank Stein, son, 12

Rick Lank, bldr.

Prissy Moore, Esq.

Bert Schitz, builder

Laura Day, cousin

Ada Stein, wife

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