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Can you name the dishes eaten by (D)ink and his girl (S)am, those the two (R)efused, and those they (T)ook home?

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With the given clues, can you tell us what dish/es (D)ink ate at the restaurant, what dish/es (S)am ate there, what dishes—for whatever the reasons—the two of them (R)efused and sent back to the chef, and what dish/es they (T)ook home? Assume that every dish on the menu is served hot unless told otherwise by the puzzle's narrator, who never lies. Also, if a dish was refused in the restaurant, it was also not worthy of ordering again to take home. Finally, if a dish was neither eaten nor (T)aken home, that means it was (R)efused. To play this quiz, you will need to know some things about the ingredients in international food dishes, the species classifications of certain animals/ organisms, and about what—if any—animal species are nearly extinct. Finally, for the sake of this particular game, "noodles" includes all varieties and shapes of pasta. Feed your face!!!
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Welcome, sit down!

Turkey Lasagna

Cheese Quesadillas


Tomato Borscht


Shrimp Gumbo

Frog & Toad Legs

Chicken Alfredo

Bean Soup

Goat Enchiladas

Prime Rib

Armadillo Ribs

Gator Teriyaki

Poached Salmon


Ribeye Steak

Patty Melt

Barley Burger

Komodo Dragon

Chicken Kiev


Beef Mostaccioli


Chopped Steak

Rhino Oysters

Sweet & Sour Pork


Beef Goulash

Bánh Mì

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