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QUIZ: Can you name the oldest sons from these Bible stories?

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storyeldest sonhint
Abraham's son by way of HagarYounger brother's name was Isaac
Eldest son of Isaac; a great hunterSold birthright for a bowl of pottage
Eldest son of Adam; a murdererYounger brother's name was Abel
Eldest son of NoahHe would go on to father the Gentiles
Eldest son of Jacob, per LeahThink sauerkraut and corned beef
Eldest son of AmramYounger brother led Hebrews to freedom from Egypt
Eldest son of DavidAbsalom and Solomon were his younger brothers
Eldest son of Zebedee and SalomeHis younger brother? John the Apostle
The older brother of Mary and MarthaChrist raised him from the dead

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