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Can you name the alphabetical guitarists in less than three minutes?

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Slingin' ClueSlinger Name
In Southern-speek, they was born a 'Ramblin' Man'. (Though for the nitpickiest of purists, < that was actually Dickey Betts' song.)
Fleetwood Mac gent who doesn't play with a pick.
You might say he's a 'Rhinestone Cowboy.'
One of the blokes who started the metal sound with Judas Priest.
'You better stay away from 'Copperhead Road,'' this country rocker warned us.
All he wanted to know was, 'Have You Ever Seen the Rain?'
A pioneer of the Chicago blues sound, his surname is a synonym for 'man,' 'dude' or 'bro.'
Amazingly fast guitarist for 90s band Giant, this gent's surname sounds like something you might do with paint when the medicine cabinet's been emptied.
Think Black Sabbath — enough said.
Hybrid-picking writer of 'Cliffs of Dover'.
Though a guy in the speed-metal band Slayer shares this surname, there is really only one true ...
Sleight of hand (and hair) cat who played for 80s band Dokken.
Started out in band Metallica, then left to go on a bit of a 'Holy War.'
This reggae-slingin' axeman from the Southern California improvisation band Sublime unfortunately died by a drug overdose in 1996.
Along with Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Elvis, this smooth-handed songwriting cat brought us a style that would come to be known as 'Rockabilly.'
80s power-pop/ funk/ R&B/ soul gent who took us down 'Alphabet Street.'
This actor/ guitarist who has a brother named Randy ('Independence Day') is here only 'cause it's hard to find a guitar player whose surname starts with a 'Q'; just sayin'.
Gent who started a Quiet Riot of classically-trained air guitarists via his early-80s work with Ozzy Osbourne before being killed in a 1982 plane crash.
Billy Idol's right-hand man.
With the fourth gent down from the top, the other half of the Judas Priest guitar crew.
Contemporary country artist/ slinger from New Zealand whose surname sounds like a papal title.
Rock guitar has never been the same since this Dutchman arrived on the scene in 1978.
Thorish-looking speed demon who first appeared at the age of 21 in 1988 as Ozzy Osbourne's third guitar player.
Umm, as there are no guitar players whose surname starts with the letter 'X,' just tell us the name of the prog-rock band who in 1989 released the LP 'Gretchen Goes to Nebraska.'
Yes, yes. Of course, it's the schoolboy (and his brother) from AC/DC. Who else are we gonna put here — PETE YORN?!?
Steve Vai's musical mentor.

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