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Can you name the Lord of the Rings character described by each limerick?

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I was forged quite a long time ago
They say I bring nothing but woe
With me on your finger
You can sneak in and linger
But the Dark Lord your location will know
To bring to this dark time some light
Some wise words I will give you outright
Cheap tricks? So uncool
Took, don’t be a fool!
And I think I’d look better in white
I am short but I'm steady and brave
And I must say, the elf is my fave
If this war we survive
Then our friendship will thrive
And we’ll travel through forest and cave
To be weak I could never afford
So I’ve studied both war and the sword
Beat my rivals with class
Yeah, I’m pretty badass
I’m a girl, but I won’t be ignored
Lost my parents when I was a lad
And the quest I was given seems mad
I’ve fought orcs and black riders
And huge creepy spiders
And now I’ve no finger – how sad
I’m dignified, noble, and wise
But this mortal my wishes defies
He crossed mountain and water
Just to marry my daughter
Oh, I wish that she liked elvish guys
With many a tree I’ve conversed
To be hasty would be just the worst
But this wizard one day
Rubbed me the wrong way
And his tower now I have submersed
I’ve loved stories since I was quite wee
Never thought that a hero I’d be
But I’ve come with my master
Through every disaster
And now Rosie’s the lady for me
Now many a story’s been spun
How my swiftness is second to none
With my wizard astride
We face trials with pride
We won’t rest ‘til the battle is won
Although some saw my actions as wrong
I was trying to help all along
In the end I did well
See you Uruks in hell
Though my death you did really prolong
Oh, I could have become a great queen
The most terrible they’d ever seen
But I think it is best
To fade into the West
I’ll stay me, ever calm and serene
Now what I still can’t comprehend
Is just why I’m apart from my friend
Gave that Nazgûl what-for
In the Fields of Pelennor
But my cousin’s all I need, in the end
For me to rule Gondor as king
A good wife would be just the thing
But of which am I fond
The brunette or the blonde?
And no, Frodo, I can’t use THAT ring
My sons would prevail – so I thought
But my favorite just had to get shot
So light the other on fire
On this funeral pyre
Wait, is he still alive? Well, I'm not
There isn't that much to discuss
Nasty hobbitses stole it from us!
It's our birthday present
And you’ll find it unpleasant
If it’s not now returned without fuss
Many times I survived being struck
But now my plans have gone amok
I’ve slain soldiers and knights
I’ve won plenty of fights
But this one is no man??? Bad luck!

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