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Can you name the vehicles from Gurren Lagann?

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DescriptionVehicle Name
Simon's Mech
Kamina's Mech
When Simon and Kamina combine...
Kittan's Mech
Kiyal's Mech
Dayakka's Mech
Zoushi's Mech
Ailak's Mech
Kidd's Mech
Makken's Mech
Jorgan and Barinbou's Mech
Viral's Mech
Thymilph's Personal Mech
Adiane's Personal Mech
DescriptionVehicle Name
Guame's Personal Mech
Cytomander's Personal Mech
Thymilph's Mobile Fortress
Adiane's Mobile Fortress
Guame's Mobile Fortress
Cytomander's Mobile Fortress
Spiral King Lordgenome's Personal Mech
The Spiral Capital's True Form
Lordgenome's Space Battleship (underground)
When Simon and the Space Battleship combine...
Lordgenome's Space Battleship (in space)
When the previous answer transforms...
The ultimate spiral weapon

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