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Can you name these things that contain the word 'new'?

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A large island off the east coast of Canada, often associated with Labrador.
A children's book award for literature.
A Canadian indie rock band.
'It's not a cookie, it's fruit and cake.'
This drink was a re-invented recipe of a popular old favorite. It failed.
An adage meaning a pointless activity: 'Coals to ______'
Became a US state on January 6, 1912.
Former Speaker of the House in the United States.
Current quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.
The second major part of the Christian bible.
Broadway musical based on a 1992 Christian Bale movie.
His first law states that objects at rest wil stay at rest.
The original name of the settlement that would become New York.
Netflix series starring Taylor Schilling
A southeastern Australian state.
Required ingredient with 'toe of frog' in Macbeth.

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