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A Clue?The AnswerAnother Clue?
Jackie, Richie, Rosalie and Jackie Jr.Family
Tony B________Steve Buscemi
Tonys UncleCharacter's real name
Silvio D____Tony's consiglere
Construction project in NewarkShared by Tony and Carmine
Agent Harris' employerCause Adriana to projectile vomit
Furio G_____Frederico Castellucio
Jewish component of Tony's crewHerman Rabkin
Soprano local PastorFather Phil I________
Tonys UncleCharacter's nickname
Dr. Melfi's psychiatristDr. Elliot K_________
Johnny Sack's underbossPhil L_______
Tony's Youngest ever CapoChris M_________
A Clue?The AnswerAnother Clue?
Chris' 'fictitous relationship' to TonyHe's actually Carmella's cousin
US state where Paulie is arrested and sent to prisonRandomly happens between seasons 3&4
Janice's hippie nameFrom when she was in Sri Lanka
Vito turns out to be oneFanook (apologies if this term causes offence)
R____ CifarettoJoe Pantoliano
The pork storeMain hangout, other then the Bing
Chris' nickname for Tony(Is only one letter)
Where Meadow met FinnColumbia
Artie Buco's restaurantNuovo V______
The untruthful reason for the dispearance of Richie Aprile and Salvatore BonpensieroThey were actually killed
The car Tony gifts AJNissan
The colour (color) of that car(You either know or you dont, just guess)
Steven Van Z____Sil

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