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need a hint?answer1: A, answer2: B etc
Destroyed by Deathstar I
Home of Bothan spies
Fight a Gorog in the Tarko Arena
aka Darth Tyrannus, Count ...
Ship of the Jedi Outcast
Shaak Ti fled to this planet after Order 66
Race of Jarjar Binks
Main hyperlane across the galaxy
Restored Telos to former glory, after decimation by Darth Malak
Not Sith but ...
Birth place of the Sith
Cleig, Owen and Beru
Race of Admiral Ackbar
need a hint?answer1: A, answer2: B etc
Nar Shadaa is the moon of ...
Dxun is the moon of ...
Measure of distance in hyperspace
Rare type of Lightsabre crystals
Defeated Darth Malak and ended Jedi Civil War
Obi Wan Kenobi's friend Dex once prospected here
Race of Shaak Ti
Grievous fled here after his defeat at Coruscant
Obi Wan Kenobi pursued General Greivous upon one of these
Attacked Luke on Hoth
'Lord Vader, a ship approaching, __________-class'
Vicious poison-spitting plant encountered by Starkiller
Jabba's father

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