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Can you name the countries (or territory) that the Simpsons have visited (bonus answer homer's missionary location)?

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Forced Order
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 Homer goes with Flanders, Apu and Grandpa to get prescription drugs
 Family goes here to get Bart's girlfriend to love him again
 Homer, years back, won a trip here from an animal cracker box
 Homer and Apu go to Kwik-E-Mart headquarters to plead for his job back
 Homer gets 'outsourced' to an overseas power plant
 Bart and family go here to apologize for a prank call
 Bart is worked day and night here in a student exchange program
 Family goes here to help an orphan Lisa had been donating to
 Family stands by for cheap airline tickets to a random destination, which ends up being here
 Family goes here to help Selma adopt a baby
 Bart treats the family to a trip here with money he made in his $1000 bill museum
 Family misses Grampa's birthday and go here to make up for it
 Family goes here to pick up a car for Mr. Burns
 Homer and Marge go with Moe here for a bartending convention
 Family, incarcerated for violation of 'Government Knows Best' Act, escapes from prison and are picked up by a freighter to this country
 Family follows a tracking device Bart stuck on a bird to this country
 Homer and Mr Burns, wanted for grand, grand, grand, grand larceny, flee to here and attempt to purchase the country
 Homer and Carl go here for a nuclear convention and Carl unknowingly fools around with the president's wife
 Ned Flanders pays for a trip to take the Simpsons here
 The family heads here for a demonstration Olympic event with Homer and Marge teamed with Agnes and Seymour Skinner
 Krusty takes Homer and Bart on a trip to Norway to accept a Nobel Peace Prize, but were set up and taken here to charge Krusty with his past crimes

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