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Can you name the answers to the questions in the Ultimate Buffalo (or WNY) Quiz?

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We Don't Eat at Taco Bell But At . . .  
The Only Topping For My Wing Might Be 
If You Are Thinking of Paula's, Freddie's or Dickies, Think This 
At 3 A.M. This is the Where Late Night Revelers Go For Food  
I Might Get a Zwigel's Hot Dog OR . . .  
I Can Get My Hot Dog at 9 of These WNY Iconic Establishments  
There's No Berry Drink Like . . . 
They've Been Making Ice Cream For 99 Years  
There's A Ton of Good Pizza But This 'Club' Has Topped Popularity Polls Numerous Times  
This Meat Sandwich is Served on a Kummelweck Roll  
A Special Type of Chocolate Confectionery Named After a Sea Creature  
Hizzoner was mayor of Buffalo from 1979-1993 
This WNY Band Broke Out With Their 1995 Hit 'Name' 
The President Who Was Assassinated in Buffalo in 1901 and is the Purported Cause of a Sports Curse on the Local Teams 
The President Who Was Inaugurated in Buffalo After Said Person's Death 
The Coach of The Bills, Whose Tenure Lasted From 1986 to 1997 
Perhaps Buffalo's Biggest Backer, Helmed 'Meet The Press' until his death in 2008  
Either One of Channel 7's Triumverate of News, Sports, and Weather From the 1960's until 2000 
The Original Name of New Era Field, or Ralph Wilson Stadium 
The Nickname of the Sabres Former Home, The War Memorial Auditorium 
The Nickname of the War Memorial Stadium, Former Home of the Bills 
One of Our Two Area Theme Parks 
There Have Been Over 196 Editions of This Annual Event/Fair 
Either One of Our Two Great Lakes 
Either One of Our Two Houses/Estates Designed By Frank Lloyd Wright 
Over 6,000,000 Cubic Feet of Water Fall Per Minute Over This Natural Wonder 
This State Protected Valley Runs The Border of Erie & Cattaraugus County 
The Current Home of The Buffalo Bisons 
Anyone of Our Wacky City Names That End With an 'A' 
This Winter Weather Event That Happened Over 40 Years Ago Still Has People Talking 
Our Largest Local Newspaper Leads The Nation In Percentage Of Regional Subscriptions 
Name Any of Our Local Skiing Areas 
Any One of the Two Local Iroquois Confederacy Tribes 
The Largest Local Mall in Our Area 
1984 Movie Starring Robert Redford Filmed At Our Old Baseball Stadium 
Independent Movie Filmed in Our Area Released in 1998  
If You Were a Miscreant Growing Up, Mom Probably Threatened to Send You Here 
Our Former NBA Team That Moved in 1978 
The Name of Our World Class Art Gallery 
The Perhaps Most Vibrant Street in the City Home to the Best Artistic Shops/Stores/Minds 

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