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Can you name the Price is Right game by the given clue?

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CluePricing GameDid you know . . .
* A contestant had to beat (or tie) the house's hand in a game of 21
* A contestant could win 2 new cars in this game by adding things like power steering and bucket seats to a basic car
Mechanical rodents are placed on a racing board and depending on where they finish, a contestant can win a car and/or 2 other prizes
A contestant writes a price amount which is then added to the price of the prize and the total must add to a certain amount
A contestant calls out numbers 0-9 and that number is lit up on a prize board featuring a car, smaller prize, and the piggy bank
The contestant runs to place price tags on prizes and pulls a lever to see how many they got right
* 3 prizes were offered to a contestant if they could get a skeeball in the middle ring of the game
A contestant walks a special path from a 3 digit, to a 4 digit, to a 5 digit prize that is often the most expensive offered on the show
A contestant strikes holes in a prize board featuring slips of paper containing cash amounts
* If the contestant's runner cleared 3 barriers, they won a prize
CluePricing GameDid you know . . .
A contestant opens a vault to win two prizes
A player must identify a product's price as the current price or one some year's prior to the show's taping
This game features a yodeling mountain climber
A contestant selects the right 2 prizes out of 4 that add up to a given number
A contestant pulls out disks containing either numbers to a car or 3 red xs
A contestant must buy between $20 and $21 of products to win the prize
A contestant releases a large circular chip over a pachinko-style board for cash
A contestant guesses the numbers in a price of a car and loses $1 bill for every number they are off
A contestant must spell out the word 'CAR' on a tile board to win an automobile
This game features a putting green that can me made in one or two chances

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